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1: DrDan is correct about not being :selfish:..often suicide is not a selfish act but just the attempt to improve conditions by removing yourself from the picture.

2: The mental health system is broken. Often is is far from the compassionate atmosphere being presented. Depending on your financial situation, individuals are lied to, physically mistreated, misdiagnosed, abused, humiliated, and deprived of their rights, all in the name of "help". For every worker who is sincere, there probably 5 who want to spit on you. Ask anyone who has been Baker Acted in a public facility. THIS is the issue. Which is worse..the disease or the cure? I've seen family units destroyed in the name of this kind of help. One child turned to drugs and died, one parent was permanently institutionalized permanently,from being unable to cope with the situation.

I'll bet if the professionals in the industry were anonymously put thru the process, they would have a MUCH different perspective.