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Lots of military veterans commit suicide due to PTSD and other challenges. We donít denigrate those men and women as selfish, but recognize that they need help and show empathy. Why should this situation be any different.

Whether someone is a hero or not should be separated from how oneís life ended. You can be a hero or a coward and still commit suicide. You can be a hero or coward and live a very long life.

I believe the value this article brings is that this COVID event is causing a lot of mental health issues. Not just with front line doctors but everyone. Some will lose their businesses, life savings and become despondent and take their own lives. Itís something we should be aware of.

For the anti stay-at-home crowd, you should be embracing this reporting. This shutdown is creating a mental health crisis and one more reason to open things back up and get back to normalcy.