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Default Re: Wedding reception ideas

One of the best parties I've been at was our wedding. It was designed for a party and she didn't drink. Then. (we had drinking) Friends still talk about it to this day.

Outdoors is great if the weather works. Mine was horrible in the AM and cleared at 11:30. We had tents, dance floor, stage, and a band. I knew the lead singer/player. Porti's for the guys and inside the house for the girls, we had a septic system and dad was nervous. I've never been to the "other coast". I don't know your weather. Sept on this side is great. (I'm 9-15-00)

Catering is affordable when YOU control the menu. If you do it at your home base, leave the BS up to the caterer. I'm here for some big events (fund raisers up to 250 sitting in a private home) and they do a very good job when given proper direction. It's all about the details!

An off site gig is less work but you pay someone for it. A boat cruise with that size party could be a real blast.

It's all about the budget.

Have a nice time. I wouldn't trade most of the last 17 years with anyone.
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