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Default Re: Wedding reception ideas

Your house, and that is what bride’s maids are do the stuff that needs doing so that you can enjoy your day. It's NOT their day, it is YOUR day!

The best wedding I have ever attended had everyone go from the church to the bride/groom’s home where catered tables had been set up earlier that morning by neighbors, flowers set up by another neighbor, catered food served by the wedding party except for the b&g.

It was the least expensive, most fun, and the best wedding because lots of people volunteered their time and whatever to make it happen for the couple. Overall it was a lot less polished than any other wedding I have been to (I've been to hundreds, literally) but it still stands out as the best.

I've been to a similar wedding held in a barn on an island off the coast of Seattle, but for that wedding everyone dressed casual, as if for a hoedown. It wasn't as much fun. I think people should dress (up) appropriately for weddings.