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Default Re: Wedding reception ideas

I'm assuming you guys like boating, so the idea of a dinner cruise seems to be a good one.

When I got married, I moved our boat to another marina and decorated it with banners and bows. I surprised my wife with it, and we drove it to our wedding reception still dressed in tux and gown to the restaurant at our marina where we had our reception. We spent our wedding night on the boat then headed to Grand Cayman the next day. Too bad we lost that spark as that was the most memorable day of my life.

One other thing you may want to consider is renting a houseboat if they are available in your area. I did that for my younger brother when he got married. They had their wedding ceremony at a local waterfront park, then we all loaded up on the houseboat for a little reception party. They spent their wedding night on the boat (tied to my dock!) and really enjoyed it.

In any event, good luck and congrats on your upcoming wedding!
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