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Originally Posted by tprice View Post

Not a lot of detailed information

My issues with applying for EIDL right now is we technically have not lost any revenue to this point Long term renters been in since Oct and leaving end of April, possibly could stay through May (told agent whatever they would pay to take it basically )

With that said I see only 1 week booked in summer and quite honestly that is when we normally collect 90% of rents (this winter has been a lifesaver so far).

So I can not in good faith say we have lost any revenue as of today but I am sure by summers end that will be much different Not sure if I have to wait until later on to complete the app and submitted it and do not want to collect something we are not entitled to
Worst case just sit on the cash and pay it back if deemed ineligible later down the road? Based on what I've read, the non-PPP things are a much smaller bucket of $, and when it's gone its gone.