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Originally Posted by mikeloew View Post
Thank you, I filled it out, I see one of the questions asked is, how much have you lost? How in the world can you answer that, as we won't know for a while.
Sorry I didn't get to answer you sooner, but I see that someone else did. And, they gave you the answer I would have. It's not PPP, it's the quick-hit $10,000 "emergency" loan/grant that we applied for. I believe there are others that are/will be available. So far, we've just sent the application for the $10k. We have figured that we have lost very close to $20,000 so far, with a few more people calling/emailing in the last few days asking about cancellation policy or "what do you think about my arrival in June...?" type of questions. We had one try to cancel for July 4th week as well. By the time this ends we could lose $30,000-$40,000.

My wife does all of the accounting, so, she's been handling the application and is currently working on the next one (but I'm not sure which program she's looking into). I'll ask which direction she is headed for the amount over $10k and will update it if I don't drink to much bourbon again tomorrow night.