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Originally Posted by 20biminitwist View Post
Much of what you listed above are necessities to sustain life and they have put some precautions in place. Many banks are drive through only, Many parks are closed.

BOAT ramps are not a necessity nor is recreational boating. That is why I have stopped running charters and am losing my ass. It would not be very smart of me to be entertaining people from who knows where. Kinda hard to keep social distancing when your stuck on board with a bunch of strangers and all handling the same equipment. If I were a carrier I could easily infect 20 to 30 people a week running charters. Or, more than likely I would catch it exposing myself to that many strangers.

People just want to live in denial and not accept personal responsibility.
I readily agree with you that nothing I listed is necessary to sustain life and yet they remain in operation with only minimal (if any) restrictions by the government. As we have seen, recreational boating continues unabated for anyone who can get on the water. The local law enforcement agencies aren't addressing people gathering at the boat ramps so far as I can tell. Enforcement actions on the water seem focused on the terms of the FWC order. So if boating in general is not a problem, and if gathering at the ramps to tailgate, fish off the docks, and use the picnic tables is not a problem, why keep the ramps closed?

I think the measures you've taken in your own work to avoid being a vector for transmission are commendable. The sacrifice it entails is not lost on me and I hope that your business recovers once this thing is over.

I agree that there are people in denial over everything about this situation. I also think there are people on the opposite extreme who are overreacting to everything about this situation. I think there are people in the middle who are looking at the situation as a whole and exercising on a daily basis the personal responsibility you bring up by evaluating the situation, deciding what is appropriate for them to do or not do, and taking steps to protect themselves. You've done that, I'm doing that, and I think most folks are in the same boat.