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Originally Posted by trustafari View Post
For the record, I don't have heartburn over the theory behind the dispersion rules put forth by FWC. I can see the need behind it and recognize it as a lesser restrictive alternative to other approaches the government could have taken (such as closing the ramps).

Based on the NPS Ranger making reference to Johnson Beach, the video is almost certainly from the Perdido Key unit of Gulf Islands National Seashore.

I agree that knee deep in the water with the cops is not the place to debate the validity, advisability, or alternatives to an order such as the one in this case. Like you said, follow the rules, color inside the lines, and if you think things should change then address the people who can make the changes through normal channels during regular working hours. At the risk of being painted by some as a person who hides behind the constitution, the legal side of this issue is that challenges to some of these rules can't be made unless someone has standing to do it. For something like this, the only way to get standing is to get arrested. Maybe that's where the guy was trying to go with it; some kind of legal martyrdom. It's not the route I would take, but it is a technique.
This was filmed at Ft. McRee straight across from PNAS. We got there around 9 am and the beach was doing good with boats around 50 feet apart as prescribed. It didn't take long for them to become elbow to elbow. Left around noon and just cruised, the rangers were all pretty nice to us just cruising up and down behind the boats reminding people to follow the rules. I imagine that their job got pretty rough that afternoon.