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Originally Posted by 20biminitwist View Post
If you pick through the details of this thread it ain't gonna help you one bit. "It may hurt"

Hard to sugar coat some of the BS and responses right here on THT.

Some get it, some don't. And apparently from all threads related to this topic there is more than one bad apple.
And that right there is exactly the problem. Boat ramps in and of themselves aren't a vector of transmission any more than the checkout line at Publix, the drive through at Starbucks, the girl who brings you your takeout at your favorite restaurant, an ATM, the teller counter at the bank, the Instacart delivery person, the Doordash delivery guy, the pizza guy, a census worker who comes to your door, the mechanic at the oil change place, the golf course, the city bus, passing someone on a sidewalk or on the trail at a county park, the cop who pulls you over on a traffic stop, the FedEx guy, the Amazon delivery guy, or the mail man.

Whether one personally agrees with the FWC order or not, calling for distance between boats and limiting the number of people aboard can be defended in a grand scheme sense. It's also narrowly tailored to address what is seen as a potential vector for transmission. What's being done to limit transmission through any of the above means?