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Originally Posted by tarpononecharter View Post
I'm in SWFL and I can tell you first hand people are not taking this matter seriously. I see boat after boat with 8 - 10 - 12 people on it with absolutely no concern about social distancing. But I also watched the national news and saw them loading body bags containing dead bodies into refrigerated trailers. Wise up people, this is no joke.
what difference does headcount on a private boat make? I had 10 on my folks tri-toon, and 6 on my dual console this weekend. All people involved are around each other regardless of being on the boat or not. Limiting headcount on boats is asinine. I canít help or change the fact fact that I work with family 5 days a week. Itís literally none of the states business if I continue to have contact with them throughout the weekend. Arbitrary numbers are just that, arbitrary. And dumb.
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