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Default Re: Another tile job

Outside tile applications, the tile should be "buttered". think of a piece of toast. Use a 3/8" notched trowel to lay your thinset, then take your trowel and "butter" the tile underside with thinset before laying it. I usually have the Admiral perform the buttering function so it goes at a decent speed.

Anytime you encounter a feature like a post, it's almost impossible to cut around three sides on a single tile. It looks from your photo that you would have to cut 2 tiles to wrap the post, and that's fine. With tile any little skinny, thin sections are just going to break off. Don't even bother, that's what grout is for.

Speaking of grout - the width should be proportional to the tile size. Looks like you're using a 12" tile - 1/4" grout will look fine.

have fun!