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we've been doing it for a while so I don't need to carry a downrigger on the boat for inshore fishing

I have a about a 4 to 5 ' piece of 300/400 pound mono with a crimped loop at the top (to attach to your LP mainline ) and heavy swivel at the bottom to attach to fish lead or z wing ,
have and outrigger clip positioned near the top of this, so you don't need to bend over to much to attach you bait rod line,

the mono should be long enough that your lead or z wing stays a foot or so underwater when you reel the top of this rig up to the neart the rod tip, so your lead or zwing is not swing around out of water and banging the side of your boat
the your release clip should be right below the top loop and easy to reach when reeled up
I put the fishing rod in my rear flatline position and have the LP rod in the rod holder just forward of that, angled out to the side, this is on and twin inboard 33 L&H so I don't have outboards with props hanging behind the boat, to chop anything. you may have to experiment in what rod positions work best for you

my LP setup for dredge fishing have 500 # spectra, but thinner line works better so I have a spare LP spool with 100 spectra which we can switch out in minutes (and takes up much less room on the boat) and cuts though the water much better putting your lead or Z wing much straighter down.
we are slow trolling live baits not too fast maybe upon ton 3.5 KTS, so if you are going faster you might need a little heavier line like 200

we have also used this setup with Diawa Tanacom 1000 on matching Diawa rod with 100 pound power pro which worked really good , but I put lighter line (50 and 65 # ) on my diawas which would break to easy with the Z wing or fish lead if it snagged anything