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Default Re: Hurricane/Storm-shutter / window-protection ideas?

I went through this about 3 years ago and was given 5 options - window replacements, vertical electric roll-downs, horizontal accordian shutters, metal shutter panels, and wind abatement screens. Basically in that order according to cost. Plywood is not an option. We went with the wind abatement screens because they were Dade County approved (highest level of protection), easy to install, light weight, easy to store, and least expensive. They are similar to the safety covers put over swimming pools during the winter months up north. Also, they allow you to see out when they are installed, they let light into the house so it isn't like a tomb inside, and you can cut your way out if need be due to a fire or some other emergency. We leave them up all season on the windows we don't even look out because it also saves on the A/C cost by cuttting out the amount of sunlight into the house. I can store all the panels for my whole house in a duffle bag that hangs in the garage when they aren't needed.
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