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Hi outcast32 ,

I'm excited you're interested in our windlass alternative!

Based off of your application of where you're fishing, I would suggest either the direct-drive Patriot 3, which holds 200' of 1/2" line and 10' of chain; or our free-fall Rebel EZ-4, which holds 265' of 1/2" line and 10' of chain. Please keep in mind that if you need more chain you will just have to adjust the amount and/ or diameter of rope you are using.

Honestly, in my qualified opinion, I would recommend the Patriot 3, since you are anchoring in less than 40' of water. The free-fall may not be the best application for the depth you're currently boating in. We aren't in business to make the biggest sale: we want to make sure our customers have the best fit for their boat!

Current, MSRP price for the Patriot 3 is $2,100 ; Current MSRP price for the Rebel 4 is $2,600.

If you need any additional help of information, please call us toll-free at 800.800.1640 for check out our website at www.ezanchorpuller.com. Thanks for your interest! -Candace Anchor, Social Media