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Originally Posted by Riptied View Post
Need more info than just, Got ripped off by scumbag contractor...... What exactly happened? Need more info.

In the Blind...

All depends on which state and judicial circuit this all took place in to start.

Secondly, unless you worked on or contracted work out to complete a GC contract with the owner of the structure you have no right or interest in said property.
For a mechanical lien to be levied against a piece of real estate/structure you must have endured financial OOP cost, expenses &/or damages, whether it be in cash, goods, labor, expenses and/or but not limited to tangible items related to said real estate/structure &/or fulfilling a "work" contract.
Hence: "Mechanical Lien".
Key elements have to be present and proven before you can get a judgement and from what I know of our civil circuit system what happened between the 2 of you had NOTTA to do with his house but then again we don't have any facts about what happened, so.......

What were your "Real" financial loses due to the issues?

In Florida you can get a judgement but that doesn't mean your getting paid.

Do it THT style, Burn his house Down & tag his wife!

isnt a mechanics /mechanical lien normally filed by the contractor or mechanic against the one they did the work for ????? Ex: they fixed the boat but then didnít pay for repairs, so repair facility takes out a mechanics lien on boat they worked on.....

depending on state, file a complaint with licensing agency in the state. Without to much info whatís the general gist of what the issue is, rough amount ????