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Originally Posted by Istockpoga View Post
I spent a good while trying to figure out where you up with that fantasy, then I noticed where you are located and now I understand.
There is no way you will get any unusual odor from fixing this dish any more than the hundreds of thousands of the deviled egg dishes fixed around this country almost every day.
If you know how to use and maintain an instant pot you will not get any odors, no matter what you fix in it.
Nothing to do with geography, sorry to say. Experience mostly. I've overboiled eggs in my instant pot, once. I found the smell nauseating in my house and couldn't get it out of my gasket either For the record, I love eggs, regardless of how they're cooked. We even have our own flock so we never run out of them but maybe we have different eggs north of the Mason Dixon? lol

I will also say, the recipe for the filling sounds delicious and I will probably give it a go with just regular hard boiled eggs. Did I mention I love eggs? Lol

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