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Originally Posted by CapPhil View Post
We tried bump trolling in the mid-atlantic on our last trip. Drift was 0.2-0.3kts. I tried bump trolling to keep a steady 1kt, had trouble with line scope, even with 6lbs of lead. Never have had scope problems when we are actually drifting 1kt. Didnt have much success that day. A couple cheap bites.

When you guys are bump trolling are you going down current? just kicking in and out of gear to maintain a steady speed?
we just bumped in and out of gear to scope line out about 5-10 degrees then let it pendulum back vertical, was using 6# wahoo trolling stick weight, figured that out to follow maintain depth on structure than just run off edge shallow to deep. First time DD and took about 3rd drift before actually got bit, verified on bottom at depth, straight up/down spool stopped, came up 50-75 cranks, bumped forward / reverse to keep scoped vertical at basically idle or to make slight course change to follow contours, would reverify bottom again every 10 min or so , then crank back up, did anywhere from 30-75 cranks back up each time...canít wait for weather break again to go try it east coast MD/DE. Am a pure rookie but with what we figured out quik is what we were doing...

as far as with current or against. I tried to go with drift of boat, but not sure if wind drift at surface is different than current at depth, just tried to keep line vertical over what depth finder was seeing. First couple drifts was fighting staying vertical, and line scoped 20 degrees or more just drifting. So not sure if current direction deep was different than drift at surface....

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