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Originally Posted by mymojo View Post
This is one reason that social media can be so problematic. Everyone expects instant updates and answers to situations that involve lot's of moving parts and when the answers are not 'social-media fast' there has to be something being hidden. When I was involved in local school politics there were several 'incidents' that required the police to show up at a school for one reason or another. Social media lit up and the phone calls were immediate and abundant demanding answers and information. Frustrating.
I think you are absolutely correct. Social media and politics sometimes demands answers or "justice" or an arrest before a full and equitable investigation can be carried out.

I stated I am trying to be objective, and that is what I am doing. Here is the latest update.

There is an awful lot of blanks that still need to be filled in. How do we get from a routine traffic violation stop to a shootout in a residential neighborhood?