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Default Another police incident...?

Here is a police incident that is unfolding as we speak. I am trying to remain objective on this situation. This began last night around 8-8:30. Local news was on scene and everyone was being tight lipped. They were promised an update/briefing for 11:00 news and it turned out to be a pat "no comment, it is an ongoing investigation" type response, at midnight it was announced that an officer was involved in a shooting after a high speed chase with a suspect. Part of the town was literally closed down, helicopter was flying overhead, etc. A local man was interviewed and claimed he was almost run down at an intersection. This AM, all we really know is that 2 officers were involved in some type of "incident" involving a high speed chase which ended in gunfire, a lot of screaming, and the State police, VDOT was called to secure the area and re-route traffic and a suspect is in custody. This should be interesting as it appears everyone involved is still alive and we will hear both sides of the story.