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Default Re: Geeh I must be getting old!

Itís not so much the idea of getting old itís more of to find the time to slow down enough to smell the roses that has me interpreting the drive as an interlude between destinations.......canít smell no pertty roses when my head is stuck up some vehicleís tail pipe! Besides, I donít seem to find comfort in driving behind others that donít give a sh!t about anyone else on the roadway!

Yes it was my interpretation as well the officer was indicating that guys rarely get pulled over for passing the police only because the guys have a tendency to spot them before they commit the act. In my case the unmarked curser just blended into the pack of vehicles I was attempting to pass....I wasnít paying attention to any particular vehicle in the pack, I was paying attention to what it was I was doing.

Ah well, at any rate the fine is paid and life will go on with or without the 4 points on my driving abstract........I just need to be watching what it is that I am passing in the future so this sort of thing doesn't happen a second time.