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I have a 2320 extended cabin with a 225 Honda equipped with a permatrim. Unfortunately I cannot give any before and after reviews because I installed the permatrim immediately after purchase. What I can say is my vessel has very little bow rise(compared to previous vessels Iíve owned) on acceleration and Iím able to plane as low as 15-16 mph. Iím running a solas 14-1/2x15 prop and Iím looking for a better option as well. I am underpowered a bit and when fully loaded with fuel and gear I does take a bit to get on step. When Iím running lighter with a half tank of fuel I have no problem at all. I dream of a 300 on the back someday. When I purchased the vessel the motor was mounted all the way down. I raised it to the middle position and that reduced the bow rise as well. FYI if you do decide to try the permatrim route do not go with the plastic knock offs. In my local area I know a few guys that tried them and had the prop chew them up. Not sure exactly why it happened though. Reach out as well to the guys on, great group of guys there and eager to help.

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