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Originally Posted by Bouncing Along the Bottom View Post
Hello, I have a Grady White 282 Sailfish with two outboards; there's a bow pulpit so that extends the boat's length to 30'. Your site doesn't list my exact Grady White model however your description "30'6" by 120" Boat Covers for Walk Around Cuddy Boat with Hard Top by Carver" seems pretty close - can you verify it will fit?

Also the radio antenna lays flat but extends off the rear of the hardtop slightly, similar to Proaudioguy's post on 11/02; I can see that it would wear through the cover at that point, what do you suggest?

Finally what material do you recommend for Southern California? We have steady sunlight for (I think) 330 days a year. Thanks!
Hey there! Thanks for your interest in our covers.

To confirm, the overall center-line length of your boat does not exceed 30' with the pulpit and the outboards are mounted directly on the transom? If so, it sounds like you have chosen the correct cover for your boat, but you may also consider checking the Hard Top dimensions to confirm this cover will fit correctly. What is the length and width of your Hard Top and also the height of it from the floor?

Carver Boat Covers for Walk Around Cuddy Boat with Hard Top

The cover will come with a yard of self-adhesive reinforcement vinyl material to apply under the cover wherever you may have a stress point. For your area, I would recommend the Sun-DURA fabric since it's best for Sun and UV protection. Feel free to share an image of your boat through this thread or via email to Let me know what measurements you come up with and I'm happy to help you further in determining the best fit.

Shannon with Boat Covers Direct