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Originally Posted by bills106 View Post
Integral field tanks are allowed if for diesel, not gasoline. If engineered and built properly, they are just fine. I build integral tanks (water and diesel) into just about every boat we have built and they, knock wood, have had no problems. 40 knot plus boats too.

There are special resins and coatings made just for this.
10-4. Thanks

I figured diesel need not be mentioned, but yeah.

I had integral water tank in last boat. Fuel just seems a bit more important. I guess it's really no differedifferent.

As far as special resins go... I'm not sure about that. This tank went in almost 40 years ago by original owner, who also has a working boat yard. I'm not sure there were any special resins can then, but I guess if everything is still solid now, it's not likely to break down now.

I guess if anything, the tank likely stiffens the boat up a little bit.