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Default Glass fuel cell question...

My last boat had fiberglass tanks and there was no issue when them in 20 years of use. They were saddle tanks, towards the back and drop in pieces.

Looking at a boat now with a single tank is fwd of engine and lays perpendicular to centerline. Height is likely a few inches over water line. Forward aft is probably a 2 foot measurement, height maybe 4' and it runs hull side to hull side. 450 gallon.

Question is....

The actual hull is the fuel tank bottom and sides. I'm not worried about impact with this hull design, or weight distribution. What does concern mean a little bit is potential separation of what are essentially bulkheads separating from hole due to flex. It is well baffled. Just seems kinda odd.

Thoughts on this practice? 12 knot 42 footer. No pounding under way.