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Default Geeh I must be getting old!

I make mistakes in life once in a while, but this is a first!

The other day I was on one of our smaller highways posted at 80km (approx. 50 mph) and I was behind 5 or 6 vehicles doing about 82 kmh. Well I pass one here and one there as the traffic and road allowed and then I got the green light for the last three, so I did what I had to do and passed them all. Well I was all happy with myself that I was no longer behind a string of cars and trucks, well I was up until the time I looked in my side mirror and saw the dreaded flashing blue and red lights on my tail. So I pulled over and took my medicine like a man, he said he clocked me at 121 in an 80.....121 is like doing 72 - 73 mph? Either way the officer dropped it back on his own accord to a 110 in an 80, which is still a 4 pointer @ $220. When the officer was leaving my window he said to me, "funny I don't often ticket guys for passing me on the highways, women yes, but not guys"! I laughed and said, "I was wondering where the heck you came from", then we both laughed, he said to slow it down and have a good day.
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