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Default Addiction….

My name is Monstro, and I am addicted.
It started a long time ago in my grandfather’s shop. From the beginning I knew I was hooked. Scrap lumber worked with a hand plane became a small boat. Next it was a hand cranked drill and a bit of dowel and the boat had a mast. The need to smell the wood, make the sawdust fly and create in reality what you envisioned in the minds eye. I soon needed a more intense fix then what was available in my grandfather’s shop. I started to buy my own tools. My projects became more involved and I could hear other people talk, ”He’s a Wood Butcher.” they would say. The next thing I knew I was working with metal, machining, welding and bending. It got so bad I even started working with composites. Words like Iso and Ortho resins crept into my vocabulary. My mothers old curtains became the woven roving for the bottom of my boat. I will spare you the gruesome details of the electronics fetish. I’ll just say right now I’m on my laptop in the garage, the CNC carver is whining away in the background and a CAD program running in another window with a new canard RC boat design ready to start fabricating.
My wife has left and now I sit in the garage surrounded by my faithful tools and projects spinning my tale of woe. One finish coat on a hatch cover, debur the finished carving and plot the hull sections for the new boat and I’m done for the night. Take a shower and go to bed ALONE.
Bonnie Tyler is on the radio crooning “I really need you tonight.” “Turn around” yea, turn around and check the plotter. Mommas gone.
I dropped her at the airport this morning. I pick her up on Wednesday.
Guiltless indulgence until then.