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If it was me, I would try and set down at first and have a talk. Bring the things you found in his room and lay them on the table. I would ask why he wants to do these things? I would address the vaping first and I would print some stuff off the internet about the fact that the material in the vape cartridges can contain marijuana that contains pesticides alot of this is coming from mexico. Once burned it can make a person very sick. That would be my priority one.

Second is he smoking pot because his friends do it is he trying to fit in, etc? Then I would try to get him to understand why you don't want him doing it, also I would explain how he is putting everyone in the house in danger if the police came to check the house out etc.

I feel blowing up on him out the gate doesn't do any good, I would want to talk first, from that conversation you can learn alot about whats going on even from his body language etc.

Then if he continues you will need to take more drastic actions.