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How is he in other aspects of his life? Is he responsible? Does he do his chores without being hounded? Does he get good grades?

I'll give you 2 scenarios.

My Nephew. He started drinking and pot smoking around that age. He was NOT a responsible kid and was barley getting by in school. Now he's a meth and heroine addict, steals from his relatives, and in an out of jail. I think he is in a serious pickle now and doing several years in the state penn.

My cousin - Nearly my age. Been smoking pot and doing coke since high school. Went to college and owns a business. Pretty responsible guy.

I'm sorry I don't have an answer for you, but I think you have to judge what he is like in other aspects of his life. But if it were my kid, I would shut that shit down immediately. There would be no car, no freedom, no social media until I knew for sure that was all clear. I also would NOT have him on my insurance with a risk of a DWI.