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Originally Posted by Tuna Colada View Post
My oldest son who will be 16 in January was caught smoking pot with a friend over the summer. He swore it was the first time, that it was a lapse in judgement, yadda, yadda, yadda. About a month ago I noticed a couple of beers missing and called him on it. Of course he denied it. I figured at the very least he would be aware I was watching him. Fast forward to yesterday, we found a bunch of vape stuff and pot hidden in his room. For those who have dealt with this, how did you handle and would you do anything differently in hindsight? He is about to start driver's ed and his grandparents are giving him their old car. I'm not sure he is responsible enough to handle this. He has lost our trust by lying to us and short of taking away all privileges, what else can be done? Once you do that, how long should they be taken away? How does a kid regain your trust unless you are drug testing them? This just happened and we have not even approached him yet but the shit is about to hit the fan. I was no angel when I was his age so I can understand this behavior is not necessarily abnormal but it still needs to be corrected if that is even possible.
Remind him that not only is it but but it is illegal.Does he want you to come down on him or the police when he get's caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. A young kid 15yrs old or so from my sons baseball team almost died a few months ago smoking pot that was laced with some sort of chemical, the kid had to be airlifted to the hospital and was in for over a month trying to recuperate. So stupid, my son already knows I would dis own him if he did anything so stupid, I hope he has the fear built into him at this point, he is 14.