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Thanks for the replies so far. As for the first incident, he was kicked out of summer camp and we decided that the embarrassment was punishment enough if he promised to stay on the straight and narrow. I can't say I like the path he is on right now although he is doing well enough in school. He has been dealing with some depression issues and has withdrawn from a lot of his local friends. He has a long distance girlfriend who he spends hours talking to in his room. We know she also smokes pot and is a year younger than him. He has been begging to have her come to visit and there is no way that is happening now. I wasn't keen on the idea to begin with. He has started seeing a therapist and taking Prozac which seems to have improved his mood and attitude. I am wary of bringing the house down on him now and sinking him into a deeper depression. We will be consulting his therapist today to get her feedback also.