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Originally Posted by Rolandt03 View Post
remove his bedroom door! it can be reinstalled once he has proven he is trust worthy!
That works wonders with teenage girls. A friend of mine did it to her daughter and it got her attention.

I got into some pot trouble as a freshman in high school. I had a lot of respect for my parents and promised them that I wouldn't do it again and that was the end of it and I was very true to my word.
My sons did real good through high school too but I saw the grief that some of their friends gave their parents. My boys knew to never cross their dad though as I commanded respect. On the flip side, they knew that their dad would do anything to help and protect them.

I'd say no license and no car until he earns your trust.Sometimes knowing that they've lost your trust, effectively banishment from the pack, is enough to get them to fly straight.