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Originally Posted by Rolandt03 View Post
i know what worked for me! dads belt, my rear end, car parked in the drive way that was technically mine, how ever the keys were now in dads pocket! so i had a sore a$$ and a car i could look at while all my friends were out having fun!
same here - I never was “grounded”, but I was pinned up against the wall, hanging 6 inches off the floor by my 6’4”. 300 lb dad screaming so loud and hard I was covered with spit by the end of it. That happened more than once.

And then it was slave labor around the house. That’s all I needed. But not at 15. I don’t think I really became a pain until 17 or so.

Interested to see the response because I will be in this position with my 4 kids soon enough