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Originally Posted by Lone Ranger View Post
I really don't need a lot of Bells and Whistles,honestly.Fuel use and such,I have 2 Suzuki C-10 Gauges [Single Engine]...Trip function I'd like to work well. As well as the GPS. How do the images appear? Do You have any screen shots You could share. Now that I played around with a Simrad/Lowrance It seems they have more vivid colors and separation. I thought I was sold on the Element.LOL.
FYI, Simrad, Raymarine, and Garmin have the same pixels on there MFD. Raymarine and garmin have the quad processor 4 speed on the units. There are adjustments on all screens as far as brightness goes.
All manufacturers say you don't need a GPS antenna, but all depends on what's above your units. You may very well need a GPS antenna. If you have a hardtop, with a life preserver holder. I would just get it, or get it at a later date. Spending $150. On an antenna is just a small amount when having a boat.