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Originally Posted by TorFed View Post
When he misses it is usually bad so it stands out, however, he tends to make the passes that matter. His completion % is surprisingly above Rivers, Dak, Mahomes, and Rodgers, Brady and others.

Watching every game he is developing. Pass plays he hangs in longer and progresses through a few reads before deciding to take off. Last year it was if the first option wasn't there, run.

When you can control the clock and average 202 yards rushing per game, you don't need to pass a ton.

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, him to have an awful game, or one where he needs to throw the ball 40 times to win, but that hasn't happened yet.
I really wanted to watch the game last week but of course they showed the Mia NY game here. Pass.
Saw some on NFL NW.

What is his history? Was he always a running QB or did he have history at RB?
His instincts and moves are making some good pros look lost.