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A 250 anything should push a 23' boat well into the 50's. It all comes down to set up like anything else. Just because a motor has a prop on it and the motor is making the rated max RPM's doesn't mean that's it on speed. There's many factors that go into prop selection. First and foremost is HP. In your case a 250 is perfect for a 23 ft hull with low dead rise such as the 2300. Next factor is do you have a jack plate and understand how to use it to enhance the performance of the hull? There's a difference between trimming and engine and raising the engine while running. Next is the prop, 3 blades or 4? Cupped or not? How much cup? Surface running or not? Stern lifting? Diameter of said prop? You start to see where prop selection is more about adjustment than just accepting what it came with which in most cases is just adequate.

This is where an experienced prop guy comes in a good prop will run in the $500-600 range. If you really want to learn about the most important factors of set back, prop height, pitch, and cup, google it and do your homework. Find a Bass fishing forum and dial into their knowledge of speed. You can also look into performance boat forums. There's a guy... Ken from Propgods that you could contact. He's the guru of props and visits this website.