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I have a lot that's an acre and a half in a very highly restricted place. Once upon a time I was going to build a too expensive house on it, but came to my senses. it required the boat to be in a structure that match the construction of the house, so I had planned to build a boat garage made out of the same materials of the house.

Yeah it was pretty expensive, but when you look at the cost amortized over 20 years, and the fact that it actually had value and added it to your property... It really wasn't going to be an issue. Honestly, it was a no-brainer compared to off-site storage.

But like I said, I didn't build that house even though I still own the lot. problem was I realized I don't even like taking care of the smaller house and smaller lot I have today... That alone consumes too much time.

I have a boat in my driveway today. I am not supposed to. I've had one there for 25 years. I have another two in my backyard as well. Actually nobody is supposed to have a vehicle within 35 feet of the street, but everyone does. quite a few people have outbuildings in their backyards that are beneath power lines as well as too close to property lines. No shed or structure should be closer than 10 feet to a property line. And everybody puts there's right on the property line...who wants a shed in the middle of their freaking yard.

What I'm saying is, most people break rules. Either being aware of it or not being aware of it. if anyone gives you some crap, start bringing up all everybody else's violations and they'll probably drop it. There's people leasing homes that don't have single families in it, they sublet them to multiple people and roommates. Houses being leased that don't meet rental codes, metal doors etc. Most people don't want to rock the boat, but there is the occasional HOA Nazi with nothing better to do.

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