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Think I am the only one in the world that likes the Raymarine Lighthouse Charts. Most accurate, up to date (with monthly free download), READABLE natucial charts. Just like the REAL NOAA paper charts (ok I am old school). I CAN'T STAND Navionics+. Looks like a kids colouring book. Half the Community Edits on the screen is wrong or out of date (At least for Cape May Harbor, NJ). If you send in a revision, they dispute your information. Half the back bay area I navigate in has me up in the marshland, while in reality I am in 15 feet of water. And WHAT's Up with all the "pink birds" all over the chart (Yes, I know you can turn 'em off, but your also turning off other "important" data as well). Does everyone really know what all the Navoionics/Raster nav symbols really mean, (Have looked over the NOAA map legend recently...?).

As a plug see Marine Ways app for Android for a side to side comparison of Raster vs. NOAA chart information.