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About 25 years ago I bought an old small house...came with some old early 1960's fridge, I put that in the basement as I had the roof cut off the house, build a second story and updated it and had all GE Profile appliances put in the kitchen. Had at least 2x problems with the new fridge. Meanwhile the old fridge in the basement just kept on going strong!

About 12 years ago I moved...bought a big old colonial house, came with some mid 1970's fridge. Did some updates in that kitchen, that old fridge went in the garage, got a Frigidaire Gallery this time for the kitchen, I had one minor issue with it if I recall. Again...the old fridge in the problems.

Just a month ago, bought a raised ranch as we're downsizing...came with some early 90's fridge. Came all new Frigidaire Gallery series in the kitchen except the I moved the fridge to the garage and got a new Frigidaire Gallery.

Some of the new high tech models are crazy...bit display screens like a huge android tablet on the doors...maintains an inventory system, places orders for you.