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Originally Posted by Lorne Greene View Post
I use uber 3-4 times a week. I have had a hand full of crappy drivers, non-english speakers and several who were not the actual uber drivers but using a relatives' account. I can't really say that I have ever had a problem with them. For some reason, Uber is like Tesla in terms of people wanting to rip them apart for whatever reason they have. This is just another hit job on Uber which overlooks datapoints.
i probably have used uber/lyft 1,000+ times. my rating is 4.8 or something. i have had several significantly bad / negatively memorable experiences and all were on uber platform (not lyft):

1) asked (nicely) for an uber driver to pull over to the right so i could get out next to my office (had been dropped off 100+ times in same spot) when he go off the road we were on, he flipped out on me screaming not to tell him how to do his job, slammed on his breaks full force on a busy highway, screaming at me, once he pulled over, i exited, left the door open so he would have to get out and shut it, i thought he was going to attack me
2) driver was going in opposite direction of where we needed to go, multiple chances to correct, his gps was warning him, etc. i (nicely) said i think we are going in the wrong direction after he missed a few turns to correct. he flipped out on me. told me he was driving taxi cab in the city for 20+ years before and he knows where we are going. after going about 15 blocks in the wrong direction, finally realizing, turning around, i asked him to end the ride so we wouldnt have to pay for the extra mileage/time since it was his mistake. he said no. i said then i will just dispute it. he said i needed to leave him 5 star review, almost as a threat, before exiting the vehicle and show him. i said nope. he then said he was going to leave me a 1 star passenger rating and report me i said lol go ahead
3) uber app glitched. routed driver to the wrong place one city over. i had never been to the destination we were heading to before but was with someone else and we realized something wasnt right. looked at our phones and saw where we were was wrong and we had entered the destination correctly. driver threw a fit when we brought it up, made us get out in the middle of a ghetto in the wrong city, no one would pick us up, we had to walk around in the freezing cold for an hour after a dozen attempts to hail an uber a local taxi/car service drove by and we begged them. uber credit the ride and gave me a $5 credit. i was like **** you guys ruined our night, left us in an unsafe area, and they hadn't even acknowledged/fixed the bug even though it was easily reproduce-able for weeks thereafter.
4) driver falling asleep while driving
5) driver not listening to my advice / signs that say to turn somewhere due to security zone / road closure. we got stuck at stand still for 30 mins, then everything shut down (main tunnel to leave city) due to president coming. i had to run in opposite direction, hail a cab which took an hour, then driver had to go almost an hour out of way on a bridge, to get around a security zone, almost missed international flight, thankfully co-worker was on-board, and pilot was nice enough to wait for me (which i never thought he would). took me 3 hours to make it to airport that normally takes 20 minutes in no traffic. it would have probably been closer to an hour if the idiot driver didnt ignore me and the signs.
6) i have caught several license plate / vehicle / driver mismatches
7) i feel like there is one more bad story of my own that i am forgetting but also know of a friend of a friend whose daughter was apparently sexually assaulted by an uber driver