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I just picked up 2 axiom pros from a member here. Haven't installed them yet but have been messing around with them in my garage and on the boat temporarily (haven't found the time to do the install between holidays etc). Like others have said extremely easy to use especially if you like Android based software. Maybe they are the red-headed stepchild here on this forum because some of the older Ray Marine stuff has gone a bad rap from everything I read before this axiom line came out. But I could tell you first hand, from somebody who is not computer savvy, that with the little bit ive used them until I do the permanent install it has been extremely easy to navigate through the pages. There are a few guys on here that have them and use them I'm sure they will chime in once they come across your post. You could also go to the Ray Marine forum and read through the many many informational posts which have been very helpful to me to get a better grasp and understanding of the axiom for the odd questions such as this versus that etc.

Regarding real vision and hypervision I believe they are two different frequencies that they run on and therefore they are different. Hypervision runs at a much higher frequency and gives much more detail but at the cost of needing to be in extremely shallow water to obtain this detail.

Lnc vs navioncs- you could go to both websites and compare the detail for your area yourself. To my understanding navionics is much more detailed and informational for my area Northeast New York City salt water.

Regarding the other two questions you had if you post them on the Ray Marine forum those moderators over there are extremely helpful and knowledgeable or you could just give them a call which the wait time is only about 2 or 3 minutes.