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Default Hot Tub Woes - Any Ideas?

THT Braintrust -

I am having a hot tub issue. It appears to be an issue on the board. I just replaced the heat relay due to a water leak that caused it to fail and arc out. It was tripping the GFCI. I've replaced this relay, and it no longer sparks or trips the GFCI, but now there is no power to the heater.

The issue is that my heater will not turn on. It checks out within spec for resistance, and there are no shorts to ground. I also replaced a damaged heater relay that arc'ed out. This was due to the water leak. I can hear the relay clicking to engage the heat, however there is no power between the heater straps. It's a 240v tub. I would expect to see that voltage when the tub is in heat mode, however there is none.

Anybody have knowledge of hot tub electronics? The manufacturer has been useless since "no parts are end user serviceable." The would much rather I pay $400-500 and replace the board. I am very comfortable with 220v electric and component level repair. I just need some ideas on other sources that may cut off power (sensors, etc). A schematic would make life so much easier, but I have none available to me.