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Originally Posted by Chesapeake Fisher View Post
Needing some help/advise on my Garmin GHC 10 display screen. The screen has lines going all through it horizontally and is basically un readable ( I can make out a few functions ) Is there a way to fix this? I have looked for replacement screen/display controller that I can swap out (plug and play) but have not had any luck finding one.
The auto pilot works great and functions properly so I do not want to replace the entire system. I have heard from Garmin that they do not sell GHC 10 anymore and the newer version GHC 20 would require new pumps, different wiring etc. The pump I have is the GHP10 - 2.1L Any advise is appreciated thank you

I have a spare GHC 10 display PM me if interested

I replaced it with a GHC 20 BTW, I do recall there being a connection difference between the 10 and 20 one has a screw in connector and the other twist to lock for one of the inputs (but don't quote me, and it was easy to overcome with a different cable)