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Default 2020 Ford F-250 7.3L *Test Drive*

Figured Iíd start a new thread on this truck since the one I ordered came in last night and Iíve been able to put approximately 50 miles on it this evening. I havenít signed the papers as the dealer is allowing me a couple days of test driving my daily routine to get a feel for the fuel mileage. My current truck is a Ď16 F-250 Platinum 6.7L which has been flawless in 65k miles but I no longer have a need for a diesel but I still want the big truck feel.

This truck is equipped with the Lariat value package, chrome package and upgraded 20Ē wheels. I donít like the push button start/start function so thatís why I chose the cheaper package. Only option I forgot to add was the spray in bedliner.

The new Iconic Silver color is a shade darker than the previous Ingot Silver. First impressions is this truck has a bigger feel than my Ď16. The extra room in the back seating area is a huge hit with my two sons and will be great for me during fishing/hunting trips. On start up the 7.3 has a nice rumble that can be heard in the cab but is not overpowering. The 10 speed transmission shifts nicely and the shifts arenít that noticeable. I experienced the same thing driving my wifeís 10 speed Expedition. My only complaint is the getting the seat in a comfortable position. Seems like most new trucks take me a few days to get it dialed in.

Now to what weíve all been waiting for. The truck has some get up and go. Bad as I wanted to stomp the pedal to the floor I only accelerated about half throttle a couple times.

Disclaimer - Fuel mileage is based off computer input from dash. Truck has 3.55 gears.

I plan on filling the truck up before returning to get an accurate mileage. In the 50 miles I drove tonight some were in the city, rural 2 lane roads and 4 lane speeds at 70mph for about 10 miles.

60mph on cruise control - 16.6mpg for a few miles
70mph on cruise control - 14.0mpg (was going into a stiff head wind)
Overall trip was 14.3mpg
I will update these numbers in the next couple days.

Here are a few pics.

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