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Default Troll Master Depth Calculator App

The Troll Master app was developed over the course of 2019 and currently has a wide range of lures and lines for both salt and fresh water trolling. The app uses a physics based calculation to determine how much line you need to let out for your rig to reach the target depth.

The app is available for both iOS and Android for US$9.99 for a lifetime license - this includes all tackle and all future upgrades!

Here are the current lures:
Bucktail with Trailer
Lead Jig with Trailer
Parachute with Trailer
Soft Plastic Swimbait
Umbrella Rig
#3 Crawler Harness
#4 Crawler Harness
Bandit 100
Bandit 200
Bandit 300
Bay Rat
Bay Rat LD
Bomber CD20
Bomber CD25
Bomber CD30
Deep Little Ripper
Flicker Shad 5
Flicker Shad 7
Flicker Shad 9
Flicker Shad Shallow 5
Flicker Shad Shallow 7
Flicker Minnow 5
Flicker Minnow 7
Flicker Minnow 9
Flicker Minnow 11
Hornet 3
Hornet 4
Hornet 5
Hornet 6
Hot N Tot 3/16 oz/5cm
Hot N Tot 3/8 oz/6cm
Husky Jerk 10
Deep Husky Jerk 12
Reef Runner Deep
Scatter Rap Deep Husky Jerk 10
Scatter Rap Tail Dancer 9
Shad Dancer 5
Shad Rap Deep 9
Shad Rap 5
Shad Rap 7
Shad Rap 9
Shallow Shad Rap 5
Shallow Shad Rap 7
Smithwick Perfect 10
Tail Dancer 5
Tail Dancer 7
Tail Dancer 9
Tail Dancer Deep 7
Tail Dancer Deep 9
Tail Dancer Deep 11
Walleye Deep
4 inch Flasher/Fly
8 inch Flasher/Fly
11 inch Flasher/Fly
4 inch Dodger/Fly
4.5 inch Dodger/Fly
6 inch Dodger/Fly
Striper Sniper Ultralight Rig/4in Shad
Striper Sniper Ultralight Rig/7in Worms
Striper Sniper Ultralight Rig/10in Worms
Striper Sniper 1 oz Kodiak Jig