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Couple of years ago we helped a newby member launch their Bayliner at the local ramp first thing in the morning. Wife had no idea of how to back a trailer, (hubby was sitting in the boat).... anyway I offered to help and backed the rig down for then and helped them launch.

The 500m long channel into the ramp is very shallow at low tide with a rubble/rocky bottom..... which it was going to be mid afternoon... hold that thought.

Anyway, we came back in at about 3pm to find them stopped halfway along the channel unable to move, although the engine would rev in gear. Towed them back to the pontoon.

Got the guy to trim up the mercruiser leg and lo and behold, a prop hub and no blades, sheared off millimeters from the hub. No sign of the blades anywhere!

Story goes that they came back ito the channel behind a larger vessel and slowed down to that “just off the plane” speed where the Engine is working hard and the stern digs down deep. Hit bottom hard with the engine and that’s all she wrote.