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With all due respect guys, the issue here is not the ebrake. The ebrake locks the rear tires but on a rwd vehicle once the rears touch the slime at the ramp their effectiveness drops significantly especial as you move deeper due to lets say low tide. This hasnt yet happened to me but my regular practice is to leave the truck running and in drive with 4x4 activated so as to have some sort of forward tension on the front tires and rears while im out of the truck. Tie the boat up jump back in then drive out. Due to my hull im always forced to go deep in the water, like tailgate deep. My exhaust is always bubbling and underwater. I have a stepped hull and the steps are always snagged on the trailer so you really have to go deep to have the boat lift up and get off the trailer. My buddy just lost his wrangler to a low tide and all 4 wheels on the slick stuff it was a total loss. Definitely a scary situation and yes never ever back in with the kids in the truck much less still strapped to the car seats. Bad bad situation guys dont ever do it.