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Originally Posted by Brass Monkey View Post
Boxers are great! We had one - only lived for 6 years (cancer). Pete was so full of joy - he couldn't wait to show us when he destroyed the couch or pulled down the curtains or chewed up the remote.

My favorite was when I had spent all day tilling & planting the garden. I went in to wash my hands & looking out the window Pete had dug THE ENTIRE GARDEN 24 inches deep & was just slinging dirt everywhere.

Thing was - he was so full of joy when he did this stuff you just couldn't get mad - you had to just laugh.

one of the very few dogs I have had that never got into stuff (until he hit around 12) gotta watch him now, and he is the only dog I have had that has never seen the inside of a crate. Had him bell trained to go out in 2 days. SMART DOG..