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There must have been multiple failures here. There's a pin or two in the transmission about the thickness of your pinky finger that locks into a detent to hold the weight of the vehicle. It takes a lot of force to break one, but it can happen. But that's why there's more than one pin in the setups that I've seen. Even if that fails, the parking break should have prevented this, so it was either poorly adjusted or the ramp was simply too slippery for two of the wheels to have enough traction to stop the slide. Also, it's a fundamental misunderstanding if you think a parking break doesn't work in both directions. I've never seen one that did anything other than expand inside the brake like a standard drum brake would do. What kind of shitty parking brake would only work in one direction? What if you have to park with the front of the car facing uphill? You think some engineer just didn't think of that situation when it was designed? I think not. Anyway, sometimes stuff is beyond your control and it just wasnt your day. That's why you pay for insurance.