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It is most likely the "P" park gear that failed; and a lot of cars; even if the Ebrake is cranked on it isn't enough to stop it from rolling. You should have your ebrake checked every 2-3 years if you are using your vehicle as a launch vehicle to make sure its solid. Test it yourself on a hill to make sure it can hold the weight of the car by itself solidly. Also; when you back down a ramp; put the E-brake on first; THEN the park brake, that way the load is on the ebrake first and P as a secondary. The P gear is not really meant to support the full weight of a stationary vehicle on an incline by itself. It's just an accident waiting to happen as it did above.

Sorry for the loss of your vehicle; and way to stay cool when it was happening. Not sure i'd have been able to keep as cool of a cucumber myself....
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